First Impressions: Beneath the Sands

“The Broodmother Awaits You.” These foreboding words define Fantasy Flight Game’s newest Adventure Pack in the Haradrim Cycle: Beneath the Sands. I’ve had a chance to play the quest 3 times now (where did all this free time come from?). Is this quest a nail-biting, tension heavy “monster” quest akin to the Alien films, or is it another slogfest running rampant with locations?

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Good Morning: Or, Channeling My Inner Bilbo

Frodo is sitting on a stone bench. In his hands is a Red Book, The Red Book. The pages within tell the tale of a homely, little Hobbit who decided to run out the door without his handkerchief, going on an adventure that would not only change his life but create a lasting impression in the world around him for years to come. As Frodo sifts through these pages, a much older, weathered Bilbo, who’s adventure he has finally put to paper via The Red Book, says “But age, it seems, has finally caught up with me.”

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Hero of the Month Deck: Oh Come On, We Can Take ‘Em!

…Or “Gimli, The Vigilant Guard.” Honestly, the second title didn’t really do it for me, but it does do a better job of giving a sense as to what the deck is all about. But then, so does the first title come to think of it. This deck sees the returning partnership of Beorn and Gimli (something I tried early on in my LoTR: LCG days). Instead of  Denethor coming along for the ride, Mablung, Ranger of Ithilien sends this deck into Mono-Tactics territory, with some resources to boot! This deck is all about having fun, and taking chances, because you can take ’em, right?

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Diva: The Secondhand Cat

There’s a saying out there that says something along the lines of “people don’t adopt pets, pets adopt people” – I couldn’t seem to find the quote, or anything sounding remotely similar, but I did find one that fit the bill: “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” This quote, from Winnie the Pooh, sadly defines my last few days as Miss Took and I had to lay to rest a cat that has been in my life for 4 years and hers for nearly 17. Warning – this is a sappy post unrelated(mostly) to The Lord of the Rings: Card Game. Even so, it has a place on this blog.

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First Impressions: Race Across Harad

Our adventure in the strange and unfamiliar land of Harad continues as our Heroes escape the pursuit of a band of orcs. The dreaded Uruk Chieftan leads the charge as our Heroes and their recently tamed Mumak’s attempt to lose the enemy and make their way towards the sanctuary that is Gondor. I had the chance to get my first play of this quest. What did I think? Well that’s what the “read more” button is for!

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April Hero of the Month: Beorn

It’s been over two years since I last took stock of the meta’s favorite Beorning Hero and about 5 years since he came rampaging into the card pool. While I normally strive to pick a new/different Hero every month, Beorn is a Hero that has been popping up a bit more from time to time and the card pool, it seems, isn’t done giving him toys. So here we go, 27 months later, the first Hero of the Month 2.0 (?)… Beorn!

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Gildor’s Counsel: Redemption Song

Hello again! Sadly that white whale of mine known as free time has reared its ugly head. Aside from a rather shoddy deck that I’m not comfortable with sharing yet, the month of March still left me feeling lacking when it comes to Na’asiyah. While I admit I am now easily able to type her name without taking a moment to consider the proper placement of the apostrophe, her proper placement in the card pool is another story. During the final days of the month, while I was deciding whether to continue testing a particular build, Ian from Tales of the Cards released a list far different from my own, but very much in line with what I wanted Na’asiyah to be. Here is his deck: Redemption Song.

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