Gildor’s Counsel

Welcome to Gildor’s Counsel. Though the purpose behind this page is explained in the first post below (Quest, Quest, Quest) I will summarize it in brief here. Thanks to the folks at Cardboard of the Rings, a movement has been started to showcase decks built by members of the community. With so many prominent deckbuilders, many of them like Beorn, TftC, and Pocketwraith, having not only some popularity as deckbuilders but as blogwriters as well, means that some deck lists just aren’t getting noticed. Started by a few particular members of the community, and Chad of CoTR, they have started their own series of community deck spotlights. And like the Lighting of the Beacons, the call has been made, and others are taking notice.

This page, titled Gildor’s Counsel, is dedicated to community built decks. In the articles below I will briefly call attention to a deck that’s caught my eye. It could be, like the first post, based off my current “Hero of the Month” or it could be because it highlights a unique combo, or it could just be for the heck of it. Either way, check out the decks below as they come, and keep an eye out for spotlights from other blogs. But, more importantly, if you are on RingsDB and you see a deck that has caught your interest in any way (even if it’s just the title) throw them a like! It’s as easy as a click.