Filling Up The Corners

Here you will find various little articles about other games that I enjoy outside of the LOTR: LCG.

Though I’m a big fan of this wonderful card game, I find it always good to take a step back from something every now and then to keep it from feeling stale and overwhelming. I don’t see this happening with the LOTR: LCG anytime soon, but my love for this hobby as a whole often has me feeling divided.

Every month I will try and post an article or two about a Board Game or other TableTop Game. They will be quick little reviews and won’t go into too much depth. These posts are merely meant to shed some light on the other games that along with the LOTR: LCG make up a wonderful hobby and industry!


Filling Up the Corners Tokaido

Filling Up the Corners: Skull

FUTC San Juan

FUTC Dead of Winter










3 thoughts on “Filling Up The Corners

  1. Tokaido is a great game, it makes me happy to see that others are aware of it. I picked it up at GenCon two years ago and it quickly become a family favorite. Another fantastic game that I would like to see you talk about is Carcassonne.

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    1. I know this is a late response but I have recently obtained an Ipad Mini and Carcassone seems to have a decent port onto the iOS. I don’t physically own the game but have no fear! I will have an article up in the near future.


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