First Impressions: Race Across Harad

Our adventure in the strange and unfamiliar land of Harad continues as our Heroes escape the pursuit of a band of orcs. The dreaded Uruk Chieftan leads the charge as our Heroes and their recently tamed Mumak’s attempt to lose the enemy and make their way towards the sanctuary that is Gondor. I had the chance to get my first play of this quest. What did I think? Well that’s what the “read more” button is for!

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The Nin-en-Eilph is Out!

On October 23rd Fantasy Flight Games released the fourth Adventure Pack in the Ring Making Cycle which started with the Voice of Isengard Deluxed Expansion. I haven’t had a chance to play many of the quests as my time has been in short supply and so I’ve mostly been playing The Road Darkens but I’ve had a chance to use the player cards and so far, I have not been disappointed. 

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