Gildor’s Counsel: Redemption Song

Hello again! Sadly that white whale of mine known as free time has reared its ugly head. Aside from a rather shoddy deck that I’m not comfortable with sharing yet, the month of March still left me feeling lacking when it comes to Na’asiyah. While I admit I am now easily able to type her name without taking a moment to consider the proper placement of the apostrophe, her proper placement in the card pool is another story. During the final days of the month, while I was deciding whether to continue testing a particular build, Ian from Tales of the Cards released a list far different from my own, but very much in line with what I wanted Na’asiyah to be. Here is his deck: Redemption Song.

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Gildor’s Counsel: Mounts of The Lobby

Okay, I have to admit something. For the past couple of weeks I have been toying around with Elfhelm deck possibilities. None of them have stuck with me. There were some lists that bloated to 60+ cards that were ultimately reduced to the nifty 50 needed, but none of them ever felt right enough for me to hit the publish button. While my desire to build an Elfhelm deck remains strong (can’t wait for Burst Into Song), I decided I’d refer back to the community. RingsDB user Xikitins has provided a unique entry into the Elfhelm archetype that has a lot going for it.

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Hero of the Month Deck: Bifur, of Many Colors

Yes yes,  September is behind us and Bifur was almost forgotten and lost. The Hero still deserves his due. If it weren’t for WingfootRanger‘s Bifur deck on RingsDB, “Master of Support”, it may have turned out otherwise. So though this is a Hero of the Month Deck, it is just as much a community deck spotlight, another entry into Gildor’s Counsel. Read on to find out more!

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Gildor’s Counsel: Quest, Quest, Quest – Community Deck Spotlight

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Thanks to the wonderful people behind Cardboard of the Rings, there has been a movement to spotlight decks from those of the community who may not have been noticed otherwise. For the sake of variety and a fun “tag” to any community decks on this site, I would like to introduce Gildor’s Counsel a series on this blog devoted to decks built by members of the community. First up on the spotlight: “Quest, Quest, Quest” featuring Eleanor!

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