Double Trouble – August Hero of the Month – Eleanor?

Wow! July was coasting along and next thing I knew it cruised right into the brick wall that is August. I don’t like doing this, and in fact it’s only happened a few times on the site, but I will be extending Eleanor’s spotlight into August giving her not necessarily 2 months worth of exposure but rather giving me the time to adequately cover her usefulness in today’s meta.

I’ll keep this brief, as I already went over Eleanor in some detail (as well as included some decks built from the community) here. Eleanor is a fantastic Hero, and though she isn’t as flashy as some of the cards we see today, her usefulness, especially in 3+ multiplayer games, is very strong and she provides a failsafe that’s fairly unprecedented. To make it simple, she is a first turn Test of Will with some minor setbacks with the perk being that… well you get a Test of Will in case you don’t see it in your opening hand. As the card pool grows, her traits (Gondor and Noble) give her a surprising amount of breathing room to turn into, primarily, a half-decent defender.

I planned on adding a list of More decks built by the community but frankly there isn’t too much that stands out. Regardless, I leave the searching to you, dear readers. Check out the decklists (organized by date) that feature this Took’s favorite Gondorian Noblewoman.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I’m still here and my apologies for not being able to deliver this previous month. Among many factors, moving from one Hobbit hole to another mid-month took a pretty huge chunk out of my free time that I wasn’t expecting. But now I’m much more settled. I have time now to sit back in the evenings, drink a nice pint of ale, and ponder about decklists, new cards, and more importantly (for me, at least) the Hero of the Month for August – Eleanor!

For those of you who are attending GenCon this year, safe travels and have a great time! Hopefully I’ll see some of you next year 🙂

Thanks for reading!

The Secondhand Took


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