From the Windlord’s Eyrie – Warriors of the West

Good Evening! I am pleased to announce that The Secondhand Took will now have a guest writer from time to time. Allow me to introduce none other than Gwaihir the Windlord, Lord of the Eagles and frequent reader of the blog. I asked Gwaihir if he had any spare time to give us his perspective on things and he has graciously offered to do so. Though he is a busy Windlord he will be offering up his guidance as often as he can. Here’s his first deck: Warriors of the West.

*Please note that Gwaihir has trouble keeping his collection together high on top his Eyrie, so to keep losses at a minimum he only has one Core Set and keeps that in mind when constructing his decks.

Theoden (The Morgul Vale)
Beregond (Heirs of Numenor)
Merry (The Black Riders)

Allies (17):
Knight of Minas Tirith x3
Guthlaf x2
Gondorian Spearman x3
Westfold Outrider x3
Defender of Rammas x2
Bofur x2
Gandalf (Core) x2

Attachments (22):
Ring Mail x3
Dagger of Westernesse x3
Rohan Warhorse x2
Spear of the Mark x2
Captain of Gondor x2
Gondorian Shield x3
Horn of Gondor x2
Citadel Plate x2
Spear of the Citadel x3

Events (11):
Gondorian Discipline x2
Halfling Determination x1g
Thicket of Spears x1
Feint x2
Quick Strike x2
Behind Strong Walls x3

Strategy: I’ll start from the top. Theoden and Merry quest  predominantly while Beregond’s role is obviously a defender. As far as allies are concerned, this deck could use a few more of them, but so far I’ve done well with only seventeen. The Knights of Minas Tirith actually provide most of the attack for this deck since Theoden spends most of his time questing alongside Merry. Guthlaf can help a bit with anything, although I use him mostly for chumping tough guys. The Gondorian Spearmen work best with Spear of the Citadel attached; however, they defend regardless. Westfold Outriders also provide solid attack and can draw threat out of the staging area if need be. The Defenders of Rammas are included only as a back-up plan to the other defenders. I have yet to use Bofur to search for attachments and mostly send him to the quest (two willpower in Tactics is invaluable), sometimes holding him back for combat. Gandalf, of course, exhausts for whatever task seems most necessary, and his effect is also for what is most urgent; this usually ends up being reducing the deck’s threat (Gandalf is the only form of threat reduction available in this deck). The allies (if drawn) are a strong bunch.

This deck lives or dies on its attachments. If Gondorian Shield and/or Spear of the Citadel is not in your opening hand, I suggest a mulligan, as it is paramount that Beregond become a strong defender. I included cards such as Ring Mail, Captain of Gondor, and Citadel Plate simply as backup plans if other more essential cards fail to show. Dagger of Westernesse goes on Theoden if he is available for combat, as do any Spears of the Mark and Rohan Warhorses. The Defenders of Rammas and Gondorian Spearmen often *cough* vanish mysteriously into thin air, so I thought Horn of Gondor wouldn’t come amiss.

The events are sparse, and their list has changed the most over the years (Yes, I’ve been playing this deck for years. Note that I’ve never played it the same way twice.). Gondorian Discipline is the closest I could get to healing and is used most commonly (surprise!) on Beregond. Halfling Determination usually bolsters Merry’s willpower, especially in cases when Theoden is held back for combat. Thicket of Spears can hold off vast numbers of foes without one having to pull out those dusty song cards first. Feint dodges the weaker enemies, and if at any point Theoden is buffed and readied, Quick Strike should pair well with him. And last but certainly not least,  Behind Strong Walls can ready Beregond for defending or attacking depending on what attachments he has.

Well, that’s it! My mono-red deck with warriors flocking (more or less) from all corners of the West, from the Shire to Gondor. It struggles with most non-combat aspects of the game, but as Tactics has become more versatile, so has this deck. It was constructed with multiplayer usage in mind, but any and all feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks again for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts with the community.

“Farewell wherever you fare until your eyries receive you at your journey’s end!”
Gwaihir the Windlord


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