Secondhand Contest: Block Format Deck

Hello Everyone!

I came into an extra copy of the recently released Escape from Mount Gram AP (not so recent now at this point) and I’m looking to give it away to someone who, like me, was a little behind in getting the new LOTR:LCG hotness. Or perhaps to someone who just likes winning contests!

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So that brings me to my first contest on this blog, and as with all of my posts/decks/ideas/etc I appreciate all feedback!

What I’m looking for in this contest is to see what I’ve called Block Format Decks. Being a MtG player before I got into various other games, I enjoyed the Block Format that was present in some of the larger tournaments. Players would make use of cards only present in the current block (containing 3 sets) and put their deckbuilding skills to the test. Not only did this make for interesting card interactions but it gave some of the “weaker” cards a chance to shine since their more powerful replacements in other sets weren’t allowed in the format.

I would like to try and recreate that if possible. It may not work well in the long run but we’ll see. What I propose is the following:

One deck using a limited card pool. It can be mono sphere or multisphere and can contain any smattering of traits. I will include the Core Set (pretend you have 3 copies) in any future iterations of this contest since it can provide a solid foundation.

The limited card pool will contain the entirety of Voice of Isengard and the Ringmaker Cycle as well as the Core Set.

A quick explanation (just a sentence or two really) as to why you built that deck (If the card pool turns out to be a little crappy I’m not going to dock people for subpar decks, I’m mostly looking for creativity).

Send your deck list w/ explanation to the blog’s email address: with the subject line “Block Format Deck”

And that’s it! I’ll keep the contest running until September 13th (that way Escape from Mount Gram isn’t TOO outdated by then). At that point I’ll pick a winnner, showcase their deck and send the AP on its merry way.

If you have any other contests ideas or suggestions for future prizes feel free to comment!

Have a great night 🙂

-The Secondhand Took


6 thoughts on “Secondhand Contest: Block Format Deck

  1. This is an excellent idea! Running the Bear Draft has really re-awakened my appreciation for limited-format decks. Not being able to rely on the auto-includes from other cycles will hopefully push people to get a bit more creative with their decks. I very much look forward to seeing what comes out of this contest.

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