The Prince That Was Promised – March Hero of the Month

Good day all! Although it is March and this Sunday I will be setting my clocks one hour forward I still found myself surrounded by mounds and mounds of oh so lovely snow. It is from my warm sanctuary that is my living room that I give you the introduction to March’s Hero of the Month: Prince Imrahil!

Prince Imrahil, hailing from the Leadership Sphere, is an 11 Threat Hero that has the traits Gondor and Noble. His stats are a very nice 2/3/2 with a equally nice hit point total of 4 and his card ability provides a constant readying effect as allies leave play.

Dol Amroth was a region to the south of Gondor. Jutting out into the sea the land of Dol Amroth faced the Bay of Belfalas. It is this southern province that Prince Imrahil calls home. At the time of the War of the Ring, Prince Imrahil was the 22nd in a line of Princes, head of a noble house that was very involved in the affairs of the realm. When Minis Tirith was in peril, Prince Imrahil road swiftly to provide aid to his brother-in-law Denethor and his nephew Faramir. Imrahil survived the Battle of Pelennor, was present during The Great Debate, and survived the Battle at the Black Gate where Sauron’s forces were defeated and the ring destroyed. After the War of the Ring Prince Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, and Faramir, Prince of Ithilien, served King Aragorn as his chief commanders and advisors. Though Prince Imrahil doesn’t share as much of the spot light as other characters in the novel, his presence was certainly a game changer for the free peoples as well as his assistance once the story ended.

Prince Imrahil may very well rank as one of my favorite Hero cards. Not only is he well versatile with decent stats, traits, and hit points but his threat is appropriately costed. More importantly his card ability can be a saving grace for many a scenario. It reads:

“Response: After a character leaves play, ready Prince Imrahil (limit once per round).”

I love this ability. Not only can it be very useful but it serves as a nice bridge into the more complicated strategies this game can create. I see it as easy to learn and fun to master. As a novice it’s easy to see how chump blocking can work beautifully with Imrahil’s ability. As a player gets more games under his or her belt they can tinker with other options like sneak attack and allies that either leave play on their own or leave play as a cost to activating an ability. Then as they get more familiar with the card pool they can see what other cards compliment the strategy Imrahil attracts. The tactics hero Eomer easily comes to mind in this scenario.

Imrahil also belongs to a sphere that is relatively simple to understand for newer players. Having access to leadership means that a newer player has access to resource acceleration and therefore can pay for their cards easier. On top of all that Imrahil and other leadership cards can handle their own fairly well when it comes to combat. But this isn’t to say that Imrahil is only for novices. His readying ability can turn the tide of a losing battle easily and give the players a much needed advantage.

Look for my follow up article on Imrahil later this week or early next week as well as a couple decks I’ve found on the webs! I’ll be posting at least one deck list of my own.

What are your thoughts on Imrahil? Does he live up to his noble title or is he best left in the binder?

-The Secondhand Took

As always card images have been sourced from Hall of Beorn. Dol Amroth image is from the Lord of the Rings Wiki!


4 thoughts on “The Prince That Was Promised – March Hero of the Month

  1. Prince Imrahil is to Lord of the Rings as Boba Fett was to the original Star Wars trilogy. He does actually do anything in the book but he is there looking cool and seems really important. Glorfindel is also in this category. At any rate, I’m eager to see you work with him this month!


  2. Tonskillitis

    An interesting comparison between Imrahil can be made with Idraen. Given that they’ve both got the same stat line and an inbuilt readying effect, they are in direct competition. Which one is the better hero? Although they are both solid heroes, I would probably vote for Imrahil at this stage because the Gondor trait has more uses and he is a “real” character in the LOTR world…


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