New Monthly Feature: Filling Up The Corners

The Hobbits in Tolkien’s Middle Earth are full of traditions and sayings. Second Breakfast and giving gifts instead of receiving them on your birthday are a couple examples. One of my personal favorites is there concept of “Filling Up the Corners.” After having a hearty meal, it was custom to sit down and enjoy a few snacks here and there, nibbling on bits of food as they “filled up the corners” of their appetites. This leads me to another page I hope to update quite regularly on The Secondhand Took: Filling Up The Corners.

The focus of Filling Up The Corners will be the various other tabletop games that are popular in some form or another. The LOTR: LCG is a fantastic game, and though I’d say we are all very strong fans of the game every now and then you need to take a step away from one game so that you can enjoy another. In a sense Filling Up The Corners of our tabletop hobby.

If you only play the LOTR: LCG then this page will probably not be for you. If you’re interested at all however, please feel free to stop on by every now and then to see if there’s another game you can sink your teeth into.

These posts won’t be terribly in-depth and I only plan on releasing a post about once, maybe twice a month, since the original purpose of the blog is to cover the LOTR: LCG.

I look forward to any suggestions or feedback you all have! If there are any games you’d like to see discussed please let me know. If I don’t already own it, I’ll try and get it and get a good feel for it. If I normally wouldn’t be interested in the game, or cannot afford it, then I will do my best to scour the internet and offer whatever insight I can.

Have a good night everyone!


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