Hero of the Month: Beorn

Hello again! With a new month (finally) comes a new Hero of the Month! A few of you have voted on the poll on the site and last I checked everyone’s favorite skin-changer was at the top of the list. I can’t say I’m upset by this choice as Beorn was one of the Hero’s that really intrigued me when I first picked this game up about a year ago (similar to Sam Gamgee).

January’s Hero of the Month shall be the tactics Hero – Beorn!

A Quick Overview:

Hailing from the tactics sphere, Beorn is unique in that he has the highest hit points of any Hero currently in the game (10) as well as the highest starting attack stat of five. There are a few characters that share this stat, Saruman for example, though they are quite difficult to work around. Of course that isn’t to say that Beorn has no drawbacks either. Beorn does not exhaust to defend, which means he can soak up some damage and swing back with quite the ferocity. However, despite that he is always ready to attack his low defense means that he will be taking damage quite frequently. To make matters more interesting he is unable to have attachments and cannot interact with play cards, making it near impossible to bolster his defense or heal some damage off of him. There are ways to work around this, and I’m sure they will be discussed in a later article.

Story wise, Beorn was a skin-changer, a descendent of a long forgotten race of shapeshifters who’s origin is unknown to many, even Gandalf (at least that’s what he lets on). It is believed that Beorn is one of the few survivors of this race of men, if not the sole survivor. In the novels (not the films) he is impatient and boisterous and yet kind, respecting all living creatures. When he is in his other form, his bear form, he is near impossible to reason with and the wrath he brings down upon his enemies is unmatched. After the Battle of Five Armies Beorn helps rebuild his race before ultimately passing away before the War of the Ring.

Needless to say Beorn is a unique and interesting Hero and in my opinion, has more value then some of the other Hero’s that have a similar checks and balance system built into their design like Grima for instance. His function is straight forward, and in the right deck his drawbacks can be worked around.

Keep checking back here for more updates as I will post links to various articles and deck lists at the bottom of this page. To end things, I will post the link below to the deck I made a few days ago for the last Hero of the Month(s), Sam Gamgee. It’s titled Sam and The Bear and though it was mostly for fun, I’d love to spend some time and fine tune it into something that could make some headway through certain scenarios.


Deck List: Sam and The Bear

Beorn: An in-depth Analysis

Deck List: Inner Strength – Beorn/Merry/Pippin

What do you think of Beorn? Do you still use him or has he been on the sidelines these past few quests?

– The Secondhand Took


6 thoughts on “Hero of the Month: Beorn

  1. Gwaihir the Windlord

    When I am feeling slightly discouraged about a quest, I will do the same thing nine times out of ten: Grab Beorn and Legolas (affectionately know to me as Leggy), find a third Tactics hero, sit down, and promptly smash all the enemies that come my way while I let my playing partner handle everything else.

    So, yes, Beorn is quite relevant in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It warms my giant heart to get some recognition, especially after a certain director deemed it wise to write me out of his climactic battle scene. Apparently Saruman is not the only traitor running around.

    Liked by 1 person

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