Second Chance for the Secondhand Took!

Good Evening Everyone! And Happy Holidays!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my prolonged absence. Work and life and everything in between caught me by surprise and the next thing I knew the blog seemed to get further and farther away from me, and just as I was getting started.

For those of you who have provided input, comments, suggestions, and so forth I thank you! Now hopefully I can get things back on track.

One of the goals of the blog was to have a monthly feature aptly titled: Hero of the Month. Given that my November hero, Sam Gamgee, received no more than a few articles, I will try and finish out these last two weeks of the year with my favorite Hobbit and will begin the next month (and New Year!) with the Hero that received the most votes from my Hero of the Month Poll.

With the blog taking the back-burner so has my attention to this lovely game, sad to say. I will take the next few weeks (and most likely the month of January) to re-familiarize myself with the recent AP’s that have come out. I don’t want to provide input on cards that I have little knowledge of outside of what they do in a vacuum. For now I will simply continue with the Hero of the Month posts as I ease my way into other relevant posts. I would welcome any other suggestions or requests on the types of things people would like to see!

So there you have it. The Secondhand Took is going to give this blog a Second Chance. I look forward to closing out the year with a few more posts on good ol’ Sam Gamgee and I look forward to starting the New Year strong. Again, thanks so much for all the input and help so far!

The Secondhand Took


2 thoughts on “Second Chance for the Secondhand Took!

  1. Gwaihir the Windlord

    Welcome back! I was overjoyed to see yet another blog enter the community and was very disappointed when you stopped writing. So many blogs get started and abandoned because of other things, and it’s great to see you give this a “Second Chance.” Hm, that sounds like that could be the name of a card . . . and it’s off to Strange Eons I go! 😉


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