An Idea of the Monthly Sort

Good Evening All.

Before I retire for the evening I wanted to do a quick post about an idea that I had.

I was thinking about what this blog is about, what I want to do should I keep coming up with posts, and so forth. Though I have limited time, I really want to have some focus on deck building. That being said, it’s hard enough for me to find the time to build a deck let alone test it out and then play it against various scenarios. That being said, I sat there wondering how I could still assist in the deck building aspect of this game and this community even though I may not always have time to deck build. Drum roll please…

Or maybe not… On second thought please don’t do that. I don’t think it’s worth the build up. Here’s my idea:

Hero of the Month! (Or week, or some sort of regularity)

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if I took a hero, loved or not, and went out on the interwebs trying to find decks that focus on the mechanics of said hero? More often then not I find some blogs/sites posting deck lists that try to make an under-appreciated hero shine or at least get a little more notice. I think it might be a decent idea to compile those decks together so that someone can see the variety of ways people approach the hero.

I’d be interested to see what people think about this idea. I’ll start in a few days in the beginning of November and see how it plays out.

Goodnight everyone!

The Secondhand Took


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