Spoiler – Nin-in-Eilph Hero

Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope the Tuesdays don’t have you too down. Just a whee bit longer and you will be halfway through the week!

If you need a little boost, there seems to be a bit of a spoiler going around on the FFG Forums for LOTR LCG. Looks like our new hero is Mablung, a Tactics Hero and a Ranger from Ithilien. More after the break!

The story behind the spoiler apparently comes from Essen, where the card was spotted. The text in the image is in German but reads as follows:

Mablung (Traits: Gondor, Ranger)

Starting Threat 10

Willpower, Attack, Defense: All 2

Hitpoints: 4

Text Reads: Response: After you engage an enemy, add 1 resource to Mablung’s Resource Pool (Limit Once Per Round).

*Hopefully the translation is accurate enough.

Brief lore overview. For those who don’t know, Mablung was one of the Ithilien rangers that served under Faramir during the War of the Ring. Mablung was with the search party that discovered Sam and Frodo and when Faramir was injured after the Battle of Pelennor Fields Mablung took command of the rangers as they marched on The Black Gate.

What do you guys think of Mablung? Tactics has always had an issue with resource generation, and though there have been ways to get around it (Horn of Gondor) but this will be the first time we’ll have a resource generation alternative out the gate without having to mulligan for the cards we need.

As far as his stats, I think they aren’t bad given his decent hit points and his low threat. Given a few weapon attachments he could be a bit of a powerhouse.

I’d be interested to hear what you think!




~Mablung’s Card Image was from A German Blog called Men Of Gondor~


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