More Spoilers! From Nin-in-Eilph – Celduin Traveller

Another quick post from the Second Hand Took here! Check out this video from the guys at Gaming Reborn, they have a spoiler preview for a Spirit Ally called the Celduin Traveller. This ally will be included in the upcoming AP Nin-In-Eilph.

celduin traveller

Celduin Traveller reads as follows:

Cost: 3

Stats: 2/0/1

Hit Points: 2


Dale, Scout

Secrecy 2

Response: After Celduin Traveller enters play, look at the top card of the encounter deck. If it is a location, you may discard it.”

What do you think? Personally, I think it’s a pretty fair card. If you get to play it for 1 resource then you’re really getting some bang for your buck. At the very worst, it’s 3 resources for 2 Willpower on the board, a potential chump blocker, and a chance to scry at the encounter deck and know what’s coming. As the Gaming Reborn guys also point out, the inclusion of the word may is also nice. If you see a location that you would actually like to come onto the staging area, then you’re not forced to discard it and await whatever new danger is on top of the encounter deck.

Overall, I like him a lot!


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