March Hero of the Month: Na’asiyah

Looking at my list of previous Heroes of the Month, I saw that tactics (my favorite sphere) hasn’t been getting as much love as I probably could give it. Off to Hall of Beorn and RingsDB I went, perusing the roster of tactics Heroes currently available. The one that caught my eye in particular was Na’asiyah, Corsair Raider and accidental ally of our Heroes after a series of unfortunate circumstances has her siding with the forces of good for a little dose of revenge. Continue reading “March Hero of the Month: Na’asiyah”

Hero of the Month Deck: Pippin Goes Ranging

Here we go again, another month where things have been zooming by alarmingly fast and, before I know it, I’m already stumbling into March. Have no fear! In an effort to keep up to pace, I decided to take a moment to revisit an older deck of mine and incorporate some newer cards, much like I did with my most recent deck article. Read on for more about this month’s Hero of the Month Deck: Pippin Goes Ranging.

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Deck Tech: A Walking Song

We are incredibly lucky to be players of this game at its current state. New scenarios and player cards come out with smoothish consistency, the community is vibrant and active, and every day new decks and ideas are released into the wild. It’s easy to get caught up in all of this and try a different deck from one play session to the next which is something I am most certainly guilty of, especially due to the blog. Thankfully, a little deck I built last August has remained sleeved and in my bag, traveling with me from session to session, quest to quest.

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February Hero of the Month: Pippin

This month I wanted to cover a remarkable Hero that has made appearances in a vast number of my decks and those of many others. While Pippin truly shines with his Hobbit kin, his global ability along with the card advantage he provides makes him one of the best Lore Heroes in the game. Better yet, Pippin is surprisingly splashable. Read on for more!

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Filling Up the Corners – Rick Remender

I wanted to change things up for this next Filling Up The Corners. In fact, I mentioned turning this column into something more varied in my New Year’s post. Well, here it is. Comics have been popular for quite some time, for those non-rock dwelling people who wind up watching a Marvel movie or two each and every year… we all know this. Personally, I enjoy watching the movies, but don’t feel encouraged to jump into the sprawling storylines spanning months or even years in comic book form. A friend introduced me to more “contained” stories, and in my journeys I have come across a storyteller I think everyone should experience at least once. That person is Rick Remender.

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Gildor’s Counsel: Mounts of The Lobby

Okay, I have to admit something. For the past couple of weeks I have been toying around with Elfhelm deck possibilities. None of them have stuck with me. There were some lists that bloated to 60+ cards that were ultimately reduced to the nifty 50 needed, but none of them ever felt right enough for me to hit the publish button. While my desire to build an Elfhelm deck remains strong (can’t wait for Burst Into Song), I decided I’d refer back to the community. RingsDB user Xikitins has provided a unique entry into the Elfhelm archetype that has a lot going for it.

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