Art in the LOTR LCG Lucas Durham

When I first played Ruins of Belegost the first thing that struck me was the art. The depiction of the creatures that inhabited the derelict were as fascinating and mysterious as they were fierce. I saw Naurlhug and was affixed by his drake-like appearance and his molten body, barely able to contain some inner fire. Then I played the quest and started encountering the Artifacts found amidst the rubble and I became entranced, and felt the desire to see more remnants of the second age. Who was responsible for said artifacts? Lucas Durham.

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January Hero of the Month: Elfhelm

This month we cover a Leadership Hero with an ability that I don’t think we as players expected to see. Taking a queue from games like A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Elfhelm offered a global buff depending on whether or not certain requirements were met. Did he create a brand new type of deck? For the rest of January I will be exploring if this deck archetype holds up in the current meta, or if we are just a few mounts short of a Rohirrim.

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A New Age Begins: 2017 (and looking back)

Wow! That sure was some year, yeah? Despite popular* opinion I enjoyed 2016, my only gripe being that it was a whirlwind of a year for me. I’m looking to make a lot of improvements going into 2017, professionally, personally, and of course, for this blog. But most of all, as I do every year, I just want to say “Thank You” to this wonderful community! Read on for more…

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Filling up the Corners: Christmas Edition

It’s that time of year, my favorite time of year to be exact. Although Christmas is barreling towards us as I type this, I wanted to just share a few tabletop games that have hit some strong notes for me and various people in my life. Read on to find out what has made the list in this Christmas Edition of Filling Up the Corners! (Part 1)

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Hero of the Month Deck: The Three Questers

Gimli is ready to take on the quest, and maybe a few axe swings as well! Along for the journey is his old pal, Legolas, and an unlikely third Hero in Sam Gamgee. Is this an alternative fan-fiction of “The Three Hunters” or something else. I’d like to know myself. Read on for this month’s Hero of the Month Deck, “The Three Questers”

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